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What an honor to be included in the line up to do a concert at the rotunda of the California State Capitol for the Capitol Holiday Music Program during the Christmas season... Pray that many will hear and desire the Lord... what better gift for CHRISTmas than to meet Jesus Christ in person!!!

This is a concert for our Vets... the Bold Knights of days gone by and to bring our country back to our God...    What an honor to be allowed to minister in song and word… the Love and Grace of God in Jesus Christ... to my brothers and sisters in arms.  God is so faithful to open the doors... Revelation 3:8 “I know your works. See… I have set before you an open door… and no one can shut it… for you have a little strength… but you have kept My word… and have not denied My name…”   Sharing the Good News of the Grace and Love of God… because He has opened the door so that I may enter in… and perform my calling… therefore… I am HisMusicianary… Acts 20:24… Isaiah 38:20… Isaiah 6:8

What an honor to minister to my brothers and sisters in arms who are in Veteran's Homes across this great nation of ours!!! I am so humbled that I am allowed to bring the Gospel of the Love and Grace of God in Jesus Christ to these so often forgotten warriors of freedom... Lest we forget... lest we forget!!! We will Not forget them!!!

What an honor to be allowed to do the worship ans service for the Sandhills Fellowship of Leymoyne Nebraska... if you are in the area please stop in for some worship... testimony and the Word... and we'll love on you too!!!

Sharing the love and grace of the LORD with my brothers in arms... what an honor to be allowed to do this...   Also see them on Facebook at:

What an honor... I am returning to the church where I recommitted my life to the Lord Jesus in the same month many years ago... to do a concert for the body and the Veterans of our great country... For such a time as this... God placed me at Redeemer Temple to be mentored and to grow up in the Lord for several years before being sent out... I am so thankful for this period in my walk with God... and for the mighty men and women of God who influenced my life.

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