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“Solo… but Not Alone”™

During the course of Stan's career... many band players have come and gone... and blessed him and his music as they traveled through his life... Yet... he began this journey alone... with naught but a guitar and a dream... a dream given to him by the LORD Jesus Christ...
Isaiah 38:20... Acts 20:24... and Isaiah 6:8

For in those countless hours of practice and performing he could always feel the presence of the LORD coupled with the peace and calm confidence that the LORD brings into a relationship with Himself.

Ergo... enter the brand... "Solo... But Not Alone" ... whether with a band... or performing/ministering alone... has Stan never been truly alone... because the Spirit of the Living God living within his being is always there with him as he takes each footstep in this journey we call life... Joshua 1:5

Also… a major part of Stan's ministry is to his fellow brothers and sisters in arms… the veterans and serving of our United States armed forces…
He travels the nation sharing his music in veteran’s homes to give hope and love to our so often forgotten warriors… This is not only a calling and a passion given to him by the Lord… but a commission given to him by his home base church… Sprague River Valley Christian Fellowship (a Calvary Chapel affiliate)
It is his goal to reach every veteran’s home in the USA before his time is finished… Lord willing.


Stan invites you... his audience... to join him on this journey and experience along with him... the music that the Master has given him... Indeed he implores you to travel this road with him as his partners in the calling that the LORD has placed upon his life... Your prayers... encouragement... and support are what makes it possible for Stan to complete this calling... and beforehand he thanks you all for every way that you join in this mission with him... You are all loved and prayed for daily... God bless you as we travel the road less known in search of the final "Oasis" and our resting place in the presence of the LORD Jesus Christ.


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